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How to restore natural lubrication to your vagina

Sex is great to have especially when both parties are enjoying it. But there surely is a reason why you stumbled upon this article. Are you not enjoying enough? Or did V-Tight Gel attract you to come here because having sex seems to be a painful process for you?Now, before you jump the gun, maybe there is still something that you can do for your vaginal dryness. Now, stop crying and we assure you: there is still hope for you to enjoy and relieve yourself of sex. It is time to rejuvenate your vagina!

How are you doing down there?

You might be wondering what is causing you to have less lubrication down there. This can be a sign of having low levels of estrogen inside your system. Estrogen plays a big role in the female body. In fact, it is responsible for the health of your vagina; this includes the elasticity and lubrication of the muscles. Low levels of estrogen may occur after child delivery, smoking cigarettes, menopause, and breastfeeding, just to name a few.

Whatever the causes are, it still is rather bothersome when all you could ever get is a painful sexual intercourse; even the slightest friction against your vaginal walls would leave a bruise! If you have been in other articles besides this, you are probably sick of hearing that the solutions for this are lubricants and vitamins. This article begs to differ from them. The good thing about this is you have a lot of options to go for and it is something that can be easily accessed.

What are the natural remedies for vaginal dryness?

Starting with the fun part of increasing one’s vaginal moisture is the increase in foreplay. It is possible that you are not aroused enough to feel that wetness down there. With enough foreplay comes a “leaking pipe.” The good thing is, arousal is good for you physiologically and psychologically. In terms of hygiene, make sure that the soaps or chemicals that you’ve been scrubbing near your private parts aren’t harmful; it will cause you dryness, irritation and the possibility of worse problems. Find an alternative for this by sticking with organic and chemical-free products and you will be good in no time.

You have probably heard this at a very young age but trust me, it helps profoundly- drink a lot of water! This will not only keep your body and skin look healthy but also keep your vagina moisturized! Check what you eat. Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help in aiding your natural lubrication, and eating phytoestrogen-rich foods can balance your hormones.

With this kept in mind, in no time, it will remove your discomfort during sexual intercourse. Your nights won’t be short just because a little bit of friction inside your vagina would tear your lining; prevent dryness from ruining your and your partner’s sex life! With your dryness addressed and your sex life restored, V-Tight Gel could enhance your sex life further than you thought. Tightness? Not a problem. We got you covered!

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